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    10 things I'd like to talk about

    This game is amazing, thank you, you two for making such an amazing game with so much detail, but I digress, a few things to talk about here:

    First: when's the next update going to come out?
    It's been a real while sense we've had a content update and I was wondering what or when the next update snibit would be?

    Two: an idea for the sub is to make it more personal to the player, as in even being able to name it yourself would be nice, have crew names and stuff, even schedules for sleeping and all that etc etc.

    Three: when going under water and having no parascope up, we shouldn't be able to see exactly where the enemy is, as in on the map, we shouldn't always be able to see that red box everywhere it goes from 150ft under, I know theirs sonar but it isn't that good lol.

    Four: adding something to do other than fast mode and shoot things.
    I love submarines, their a huge part of my sim collection, a lot of sims have something to micromanage in the meantime while out at sea, what I'm getting at is that micromanaging can be an amazing part of the game design and the time spent at sea, etc etc.

    Five: adding multiplayer.
    Ok ok, I know this ones a bit far fetched but hear me out, add game modes that you have one map area and you have one enemy sub and like two enemy jap escorts, escorting transports and the sub has to take it out and get out before being destroyed on and on..

    Six: instead of auto calculating you should have a setting for realistic mode to the point where the shit isn't auto everythinged and instead you must have an in game book of all the jap ships and have to find the matching one and having to find it range etc etc.. instead of point aim shoot kinda game play

    Seven: I love the 3D stuff you guys did to the game, it makes the game absolutely shocking and amazing to watch and play instead of a top down map and parascope only it brings a new light to the whole feel of everything that happens to the game, one thing you should do to tweak it, is allow fixed points on the sub for diffrent camera angles and views.

    Eight: damage models have to be fixed. Period. Can't be putting 15 shells into a small ship and a torpedo and not have it go down, flooding and all that should happene once the first torpedo entire into the ship itself etc etc.

    Nine: islands would be nice and somewhere where you can hide in refes and caves and all that would make this game amazing and interesting, I kinda hate tapping on an island and haveing nothing show up and all that.

    Ten: should add a customization and upgrade system to the sub of some sort to allow for the feel of some progression instead of go to war come back to midway go to war come back to midway etc etc.

    Thank you, you two for reading this and taking the time to respond back, just some of the throughts I had over the past couple of month playing this amazing and well designed game! Cheers!

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    Hey SnowBird, thanks for your awesome ideas! Some answers:

    1) Today for Android, iOS as soon as it's approved.

    2) Wow, yes. That's a nice idea and somehow probably even easy to make.

    3) Well ya, I know what you mean. It's always a trade off between how realistic it should be and fun. Maybe we could brainstorm a bit about this one?

    4) That's a tough one. Again, it's a trade off between fun and doing just a little game session in between. Often smartphone and tablet games are being played only for a few minutes and sims are often more PC based for a reason. So we are not only in a niche but a niche within a niche. There are players who hate micro management and others love it. Another thing we maybe could discuss about more in detail?

    5) Personally I'm a huge multiplayer games fan. For this game I have some doubts about that. How would you do that? More coop so that you will attack escorts with more than a submarine?

    6) Oh yes, more realism. I'm a fan of that, it's always the question if the typical submarine sim guy on a tablet would like that as well? It might worth a try!

    7) Ah yes, lovely idea, thanks for that! In the current update we've introduced a real 3d control room. At the moment there's nothing really to do there but we plan to add stations for instance. More different camera angles are a nice idea, the question is how to make them accessible for the player without introducing even more buttons?

    8) True! Shells do more damage now and yes, the damage models itself are on my list. Period. (no offense, you're absolutely right!)

    9) Indeed! Islands are on our list as well. Actually there are still so many things on our list I could imagine to work full time on this for a year or so (which won't happen full time but part time unfortunately).

    10) Hmm yes. But upgrade in terms of realism, right? So no World of Tanks for subs!

    Thanks to you for this awesome feedback and your time to write down your ideas!


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