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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Bugs I noticed in

    Hi all,

    I played this sim a lot for some days now, and I noticed some bugs. Luckily they don't impact the fun of the sim.

    1) When I have 1 or 2 remaining torpedoes in the FWD or AFT room, often they are never loaded in the tubes.

    2) When I "save & quit" the game. it stays stuck on the transition uboat submarine picture. I have to "close" the application to quit.
    Luckily when I start again and continue the game, it starts exactly where I "save & quit".

    3) BUT, when I continue a game where my sub was underwater, it starts to sink. Clicking on the "periscope depth" button doesn't help. I have to give a "surface" order for the sub to stop sinking and go up back. Then I can manage the depth again.

    4) The mysterious boat: during one patrol, I had 2 targets on my radar, but visually there was a third ship, floating mid sunk, stern up like the diving Titanic. It was close to one of my targets. It was not possible to "acquire" it, but it was possible to shoot it with the deck gun, but no effect. Now I must find how to capture screenshots on my device, ready for the next "encounter" )

    Anyway, despite these few bugs, the sim is fantastic and run flawlessly.

    I hope that the team continues to develop it, and add some enhancements

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    Thanks for your report! I'll put this onto my list and work on those issues.

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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Fantastic !

    For your info, I wrote a wrong info concerning bug number 3. I tried many times, the sub starts to slowly sink when I load a saved session BUT the "periscope depth" button works to stop the sink, and the submarine go up to periscop depth.

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    Interesting... Sounds scary. HA! Will check what's going wrong there.


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