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    Frage No sound on iPad Mini 2

    Hello, the game looks great but I cannot hear any sound nor music no matter what settings I use.
    (With or without headphones)
    I use the latest generation of iPad Mini 2 32 GB (bought it in December 2016)
    I have waited to see if the latest IOS updates or your latest version would fix it.
    I am now running IOS 10.3.2 (English)
    I have your latest version of the game v
    I have tried to completely reset my iPad and install 10.3.1 - then restoring and still no sound.
    I have also tried reset:ing all settings.
    Have you seen this problem anywhere else?
    Everything else is working perfectly on my iPad...
    Thank you for any fix.

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    Well that's odd. Actually I had this report once for an iPad2 but in that case the sound was just muted in the settings of the device (not in the game itself).

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