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    Crashing every 5 minute

    Hi everybody,
    I am new here, but I am an old hand considering all the hours I have spent as a uboat Kapitän.

    I started with the nowadays almost mythical GATO under DOS. Then came "Aces of the Deep" from Microsoft, and then the Silent Hunter-serie, number I, II, III, IV but not V. The majority of hours I did spend on III with the expansion package The Grey Wolves.

    Then I did change to Flight Simulator X from Microsoft.

    Yesterday I was looking for some game to play on my little tablet, a Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70F with 7.68 GB of 16.00 GB memory used and running under Android v 6.0. I found Silent Deph. The description looked good, so I did buy and download it.

    It looked still good when I looked around, tested a bit "Training" and a bit "Mission". But soon the game started to crash into "Black death", the display went black and the tab did not react to buttons or finger commands on the display. After a lot of "wake-up" tries it sometimes did restart the game for a few minutes, but mostly I had to make a clean restart. I cannot accapt a game that is crashing every 5 minute.

    What is the cause for this behavior? Is my Lenovo tablet to small ( memory too small, CPU too weak, ...), or is the game not stable enough? Has anyone an idea what to do?

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    That sounds indeed like a low (out of) memory issue. Unity is well known for consuming quite some memory. Even though the specs are pretty low for our game that could be one issue. Especially as it crashes right in the beginning, it sounds indeed like an out of memory error. As it runs on quite a lot of devices out there I feel sorry for you. Android can be quite a pain to work with.

    If you like, you can send me your Paypal address via PM or mail for a refund.


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