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    Tactics - Destroyers

    One way to deal with those pesky destroyers.
    Attacking from submerged.
    Stop an oil tanker or medium freighter with one or sometimes two fish, broadside from about 500.
    Get about 100 away laying parallel to the stationary tanker.
    If the destroyer has already spotted you he will come over but can't attack as the stationary ship is in his way.
    If he hasn't spotted you just move back a bit and surface and as soon as he starts a run, submerge again, staying alomgside the stationary ship.
    Wait until he is on a stable course and pretty much lined up with your bow or stern and let him have it.

    A destroyer can be sunk with two or three fish if he comes straight at you and you are lined up bow or stern to him.
    Fire at about 750 and then 5 sec intervals.
    Good hunting.
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    Thanks for the tips. I often take them head on when surfaced, which is a lot of fun.

    My tactics involve heading straight for them at full speed. When the destroyer starts shelling my sub I start zig-zagging rapidly to avoid being hit while then going at flank speed. When minimum distance for torpedo launching and arming approaches I line-up dead ahead and let off one or two fish. At the same time rudder goes hard left or right. If two torpedoes hit, the destroyer is often sunk or immobilised. If one hits, the destroyer's speed is often reduced. Even if it isn't damaged and it continues at its max speed, we then go into a circling dance of death.

    Picking off the destroyer with the deck gun each time you and it come back within range at top speeds is quite a thrill, especially as you have to find and aim at it while careering through the water at 25 knots.

    I've also done this successfully with a destroyer and light cruiser simultaneously - and that really was a lot of fun!

    The greatest peril lies in not flanking away from your enemy in time. If you don't, they'll ram you, which is certain death!

    As you say, good hunting!


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