So hi there,

in this forum I'll do some diary stuff, sometimes scary, sometimes boring but always scary... oh wait, I had this one already! HA!

Well, maybe some words about or team. We are a huge team, a bunch of ... 2 guys. That's true!

There is the ominous "Frischluftatmer" (for all non German guys, a possible translation would we "Fresh Air breather") who is doing all the stuff you can finally see. Graphics, 2d and 3d stuff. Amazing! He's a pretty tough guy sometimes a bit rough but hey, that's how sailors supposed to be, mhh? And then there is me, the guy who does all the boring coding stuff you likely never want to see but always know when there is a bug you're angry about it!

Unfortunately a lot of screenshots, dev stuff postings and so on are sunk forever but this won't stop us from doing just better!

Stay tuned!