Silent Depth is a mobile 3d submarine simulation game in development. Mobile means it will be available for smartphones and tablets on almost all platforms like Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows Phone 8.

You are the captain of a US Balao Class Submarine in World War II and are positioned in the Pacific. Your base harbor is Midway where you repair and equip your submarine with torpedos, ammunition and fuel.

There will be a free patrol mode where you just drive around and attack japanese ships. That way you select your route on a map and as soon as you spot something (or get spotted!) the game switches back to 3d mode where you can attack (either with torpedos or your gun) or try to escape.
Missions will be available as well of course and a career mode. You will get awards and medals. Even though it is a single player game some kind of an online highscore list is planned.

Part of the game are realistic day/night cycles and real waves for instance. It won't be an arcade game, neither a hardcore sim which would be just too much for smartphones/tablets.

Just take a look a the screenshots and some of the ingame videos. You can follow us at Facebook as well to be up to date and discuss it there or in our forums here. We're interested in all kinds of criticism and suggestions!

Planned features

  • use your US submarine to attack the Japanese ships
  • free open ended patrol and specific missions
  • a map
  • day/night cycles
  • equip your submarine in your harbor
  • attack the enemy with torpedos or with the gun
  • get awards and medals
  • share your success with other captains (list of most successful captains online)

Feel free to ask any questions, we will build up some kind of a F.A.Q. to answer all those!

Thanks for reading!