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    Well yeah... sort of an update

    Dear all,

    I have to admit that I almost forgot about this forum here, most of the action was over there at FB but nevertheless I think I'm going to revive this forum as well. Especially as the release date is close! Yes indeed, well close has to be set in relation to more than 3 years of development but things come to an end finally!

    It's always hard to estimate when a game will be ready especially when you're just a team of two with 9to5 jobs plus families (including kids). In the last months I did a lot of bug fixing, refactoring and all that stuff and worked on things that a game needs. So we are basically now beyond a tech demo and more a real game.

    Lately I worked on all the submarine damage models, collisions and the destroyer AI which is now pretty good already. On the following shots you see your submarine in the middle. The destroyer hunting you is at the bottom and then there is a freighter to the left which you can ignore for now.
    You see a circle around the submarine which is only there for debugging purposes. In the first screen it is yellow which means the destroyer has lost your position:

    I switched to flank ahead so the destroyer could detect me. The circle went red which you can see in the second screen:

    Then I switched to Schleichfahrt (slow ahead) which reduces the noise level. The estimated submarine position for the destroyer is now not that "clear" anymore, dependent from the distance to the sub. You can see a slight deviation showed by the red (debug) circle:

    When going below the thermal layer (yes this is in!) the chances of getting lost by the destroyer increase significant!
    Surfaced things are much worse for the submarine of course!

    Again, stay tuned and thanks for staying with us, for all your patience!

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    Some footage of a destroyer attacking our sub and finally sink it!

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    Game is released.


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